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School Announcements

2018 SYL Annual Internal Martial Arts and Qigong Retreat is now available for registration!This year we offer Qigong, Wuji, Taiji and Liu He Ba Fa (Water Style) classes from Aug 1st to Aug 7th. For more information, please click to view our workshop page.
Upcoming Taiji for Beginner - 24 FormThe 24 form Taiji is a standarized Taiji quan routine that was compiled by the Chinese Sports Committee in 1956. It is based on the Yang style Taijiquan, taking about six minutes to perform. It gives beginner an introduction to the essetial elements of Taijiquan, yet retain the traditional flavor of the traditional longer hand forms. It is a great foundation for beginners.

Class starts when 10 registrantion requirement is met, Thursday, 7-8pm.
Upcoming Chen Style Old Frame No 2 Cannon Fist classChen style Taiji is known for its silk reeling power and steady footwork. Old frame no 2 routine is also called Lau Jia Er Lu Cannon Fist.

Class starts when 10 registrantion requirement is met, Thur, 6-7pm
Upcoming New Qigong ClassQigong most often refers to the art and science of using breath, posture, movement, and/or sound to cleanse, refine, accumulate and circulate Qi in the body.Through the cultivation and regulation of body, mind, breathing, and vocalization, our resistance to disease, adaptability to the external environment, and immunity to pathogenic influences is strengthened. With a strong immune system, diseases are prevented, creating a state of super health, vitality, and youthfulness for the practitioner.
Qigong class will be covering varies types of Qigong such us Health Maintenance, Daoist and Buddhist Qigong

Sat Health Qigong class starts on Aug 11th, 2018, Sat, 2-3pm
Thur Health Qigong class starts on July 5th, 2018, Thur, 5-6pm

Fri One-Year Daoist Qigong starts on Feb 2nd, 2018, Fri 5:30-6:30pm.
It is a ONE-YEAR Daoist Qigong class starts when minimum number of registrants of 30 is met. The Daoist Qigong Cultivation Class mainly revolves around the Cultivation of Traditional Internal Elixir(内丹) and the Double Cultivation of Body and Spirit (性命双修).The class begins with an introduction of several breathing techniques with a goal of building and strengthening Qi in the Dantian and to prepare one for Cosmic Circulation(周天循环 ). Then it moves to the Cultivation of Spirit (性功修炼)which includes methods such as “Golden Light”, “Gathering Light”, “Big Dipper”, “Initiating the Spirit”, “Gather Together the Five Elements”(攒簇五行)、“Harmonizing Four Phases”(合和四象) “Regulating the Spirit Light”, “Nurturing the Original Spirit”, “Letting Out the Original Spirit”, “Returning of the Original Spirit”, etc. “Cultivation of the Physical Body” that will be introduced in class including methods such as “Reflect Back of the Spirit on Dantian”, “Embryonic Breathing”, “Gathering Herbs (obtains internal essence)”, etc. These are methods that aim to train oneself moving out of the form and into the formless(出有入無). The for mentioned methods are merely a small part of of the essence of “Daoist Qigong Cultivation” which has had a history of thousands of years, and they serve to help one obtain Pre-Heaven Essence, strengthen the body, maintain health, regain youth and ultimately build a strong foundation for yet higher level cultivations.