About Our Website

The Shou-Yu Liang (SYL) Wushu Taiji Qigong Institute Website is not only focused on promoting the school, but also with sharing the methods of healthiness from Grandmaster Liang's vast knowledge of Chinese martial arts. Our web site has many original images of Wushu in motion, as well as detailed descriptions of the different styles we teach and the wonderful instructors that teach them. Much of the Chinese calligraphy featured on this site was hand-written personally by Grandmaster Liang. We have an online newsletter to share articles on current news, training methods, Chinese philosophy, and self-help remedies that are written by our instructors and experts in Chinese Traditional Medicine. We hope with this site to increase the awareness that Wushu is not just the incredible feats characterized in popular mainstream martial arts movies by Jet Li or Jackie Chan, but it is also fosters personal virtue, spiritual growth, and superior health.

The was formally inaugurated in February of 2000, after many months of planning and design. The site has since gone through a major re-design in summer 2004. Created and maintained by webmaster Perry Lo, this web site contains several hundred pages pertaining to the school, and several hundred unique pictures of the classes, instructors, and students.