2015 Internal Chinese Martial Arts and Qigong Retreat

August 1-6, Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is the largest city in the province of British Columbia, and the third largest city in Canada. It is surrounded by water on three sides and is nestled alongside the Coast Mountain Range. Vancouver is home to spectacular natural scenery and a bustling metropolitan core, and boasts one of the mildest climates in Canada. Summers in Vancouver are especially beautiful and it would make an ideal time to pay a visit. As you join millionsof people to explore Vancouver and its vast beautiful outdoor playground, why not take the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime experience by attending a world renowned, world class Internal Chinese Martial Arts and Qigong Retreat!

Average time of instruction is 6 hours per day. Students and visitors are welcome to spend extra hours practicing on their own at our facility, or they may choose to relax and visit places of interest around town after each workshop.

Available Seminars:

  • Aug 1-2: Qigong, 9AM-12PM & 2-5PM
  • Aug 3-4: Liu He Ba Fa (Water Style), 9AM-12PM & 2-5PM
  • Aug 5-6: Wuji Xiao Yao System, 9AM-12PM & 2-5PM

List of Confirmed Registrants as of June 8, 2015

All workshops are proceeding as scheduled. The confirmed address for all workshops is: 10480 Westminster Hwy, Richmond BC

  • Anthony A.
  • Tammy B.
  • Kevin B.
  • Jan G.
  • Janyce J. H.
  • Ronald J.
  • Eric J.
  • Manfred F. K.
  • Faith A. L.
  • Eleanor L.
  • Dian L.
  • Susan H. N.
  • Davied N.
  • Jack S.
  • Jean
  • Lydia
  • Louise
  • Josie
  • Udi


To register, please send the following information along with a check or money order to:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • First time attendee or return attendee
  • Which seminars you wish to attend
  • Shou-Yu Liang
    10480 Westminster Hwy
    Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
    V6X 1B2
    (778) 317-9648


    10480 Westminster Hwy
    Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
    V6X 1B2

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    Schedule and Fees

    All workshops are taught personally by Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang, Master Helen Liang and Master Chenhan Yang. Registration is required to attend. Space is limited, so register early to ensure your spot. Registration and seminar facilities are administered by the hosting school. Fees are USD $270/day (or $688 for all days) if registering before July 20, 2015 or USD $310/day (or $810 for all days) after July 20, 2015. Fees are per person only. Wear comfortable clothes and flat shoes with non-slip soles. Bring writing materials, snacks, and beverages for breaks.

    Grandmaster Liang reserves the right to cancel any workshop 10 days before the scheduled workshop date if less than 10 people have registered. Registrants will receive a full refund for cancelled seminars. Registrants that individually cancel will receive full refund if notification is received 10 days before the scheduled workshop date. Registrants that individually cancel will receive 50% refund if notification is received within 10 days of the scheduled workshop date. No refunds are available after the first day of workshops.

    Before July 20, 2015 After July 20, 2015 Registration Fee for students that wish to attend all workshops
    USD $688
    Save 15%
    USD $810
    Save 15%
    August 1-2, 2015

    AM 9-12
    PM 2-5
    USD $270 USD $310 Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang Qigong Workshop Daoist Qigong
    Introducing fundamental knowledge of the physical body & spiritual system including methods for the double cultivation of the physical & spiritual such as Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Circulation, Seven Star Qigong, Golden Light Qigong, Gathering the Soul Qigong . Exploring subjects such as "Clear the heart/mind revealing the Spirit" and "enlightenment"
    August 3-4, 2015

    AM 9-12
    PM 2-5
    USD $270 USD $310 Liu He Ba Fa (Water Style)
    Liu He Ba Fa literally means Six Harmonies and Eight Principles. It utilizes the power of Xingyi as its center, utilizes the stepping patterns of Bagua for its turning and spinning, and utilizes the neutralizing power of Taiji for its variations. Its movements are sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. These movements resemble that of floating clouds, and flowing water that is sometimes calm, sometimes surging. Therefore, it is also known as Water Style.

    Aug 3: Liu He Ba Fa Main Form Part 1 and 2 for beginners. Liu He Ba Fa Main Form Part 1, Part 2 and San Pan Shi Er Shi review for existing students

    Aug 4: Liu he Ba Fa Sword for all students
    August 5-6, 2015

    AM 9-12
    PM 2-5
    USD $270 USD $310 Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang Wuji Xiao Yao Workshop Wuji Xiao Yao System - Wuji
    Wuji is an ancient internal martial art form long veiled in mystery. A great number have had a mastery over it. Wuji means no extreme. It is before Tai Chi, the grand ultimate. The entire form of Wuji depicts a vivid story that embodies profound of people have long heard of; few, however, have ever seen it, and an even fewer Taoist and Buddhist philosophies; it is about how we cultivate our ‘original spirit’ following the course of the cosmos and harmonizing with the myriad of changes of the universe. The physical movements and training express the ancient Taoist physical form and its many applications as well as having an in depth understanding of the theories and philosophies of this art. Grandmaster Liang had performed Wuji in China 30 years ago. In 1985, he had again performed this form at the First International Wushu Invitational Competition held in China. Anyone interested in martial arts, Qigong or Taoist and Buddhist philosophies will find Wujiquan unique and fascinating. Beginner and advanced practitioners are all welcome to attend. The system integrates the essence of soft and hard Qigong, it also emphasizes the cultivation of Qi, light, and spirit with the goal of reaching enlightenment.
    USD $688
    Save 15%
    USD $810
    Save 15%
    Registration Fee for students that wish to attend all workshops