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2019 Internal Chinese Martial Arts and Qigong Retreat

August 1-7 2019, Vancouver, BC

Wushu Class

Wushu (Kung Fu)Wushu (aka Kung Fu) is the proper term for all the martial arts styles in China. Wushu has been practiced in China for thousands of years and Wushu consists of tens of thousands of different External and Internal styles including both bare hands and weapons. Some of the well known external styles are Shaolinquan, Chaquan, Hongquan, Fanziquan and many others.

Wushu basics are the foundation for learning all the other external and internal styles offered in our school curriculum. It also sets good foundation for learning all kinds of martial arts. Wushu basics focus on different kinds of traditional and modern Wushu training for stances, footwork, kicks, hand techniques, body coordination and balance.

Sanshou Class

Sanshou (Applied Wushu)Sanshou (Applied Wushu) training consists of six major components: free sparring techniques, take down and ground fighting techniques, Taiji Push Hands techniques, Qin Na and pressure point attack, internal energy(Qigong) training, and martial art routine training.

These six major components are not meant to be trained and applied separately. Instead, they should be integrated into a seamless web of skills which are versatile for dealing with different circumstances that may arise in real combat. The ultimate goal of Sanshou is to nurture and develop the complete martial artist-one who is skilled in long and short range fighting; in arm strikes, kicking, grappling, wresting, and pressure point attack; is capable of using internal and physical strength; and is morally righteous with an absolute control over one's own mind and body.

Taiji Class

Taiji (Tai Chi)Taiji (aka Tai Chi) is one of the major internal styles contained in Wushu. It was originally created as a martial art and the movements of Taiji contain martial applications. It utilizes the ancient philosophy of Yin-Yang and the Five Element theories for its foundation and to establish its training principles. The experience of hundreds of years has shown that practicing Taiji can improve ones health, reduce tension, and cure a number of diseases such as high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, stomach ailments, heart problems and nervousness. The same techniques that were capable of developing internal Qi for martial arts combat, also proved to be effective as life prolonging, healing, and rejuvenating exercises. Today, Taiji is best known by the millions of participants around the world for its health benefits.

Qigong Class

Qigong (Chi Kung)Qi (aka Chi) is a Chinese term used to refer to all types of energy. It is the intrinsic substance or the "vital force" behind all things in the universe. Gong refers to the power to produce an effect, an attainment of, or accomplishment that is achieved with steady practice. Loosely, Qigong (chi kung) can be translated as the study of Qi.

Today, Qigong most often refers to the art and science of using breath, posture, movement, and/or sound to cleanse, refine, accumulate and circulate Qi in the body. This leads to improved health, transformation of consciousness, and greater power for martial arts. The four main types of Qigong societies are Medical, Taoist, Buddhist, and Martial Arts.

Xingyi Class

Sanshou (Applied Wushu)Xingyi (5 Elements and 12 Animals) is an internal Wushu style known for its dynamic and explosive movements. Xing or shape, is derived from imitating the fighting movements of 12 different animals. Yi or mind, is generated internally from the heart. Therefore, Xingyi is an internal style which imitates the shapes of twelve animals and their inner characteristics when they fight. Xing Yi's theory and techniques are aggressive, yet the practitioner avoids emotional excitement. Xing Yi manifests great power, but it is a very refined power, and while the strategy is offensive, it is not disordered. Continued training in Xing Yi can make you spiritually brave, your spirit can be raised to a very powerful stage, yet you will remain calm, peaceful, and in control.

Bagua Class

Bagua (Pa Kua)Bagua (8 Trigrams) is based on the the Yi Jing(The Book of Changes) - a major part of the Chinese Culture and philosophy for more than four thousand years. Bagua emphasizes circular movement, walking is most important. Bagua "uses movement as its foundation, and uses transformation as its principle". The movements are always changing, spinning and turning, while rapidly moving in curvilinear patterns. Its movements are described as, "Walk like a dragon, retrieve and spin like an ape, change momentum like an eagle, and calm and steady like a still tiger".

The constant turning and spinning movements, stimulate the joints and muscles to provide a work out for many areas of the body that are not normally exercised. These movements also stimulate acupuncture cavities by compressing and relaxing the muscles around them, loosening stagnant energy, and allowing Qi to circulate smoothly.

Liu He Ba Fa Class

Liu He Ba Fa (Water Style)Liu He Ba Fa (aka Water Style) is one of the major internal style martial arts. It originally passed down from generation to generation only to a handful of gifted and chosen students with exemplary courage and moral character. Liu He Ba Fa literally means Six Harmonies and Eight Principles. It utilizes the power of Xingyi as its center, utilizes the stepping patterns of Bagua for its turning and spinning, and utilizes the neutralizing power of Taiji for its variations. Its movements are sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. These movements resemble that of floating clouds, and flowing water that is sometimes calm, sometimes surging. Therefore, it is also known as Water Style. The movements of Liu He Ba Fa are constantly fluctuating with clearly defined forward, backward, upward, downward, and lateral motions. Each and every movement is lead by the mind(xinyi),. The mind initiates and the movements follow. It is therefore, also known as Xinyi Liu He Ba Fa. As an internal art, it not only serves as a system of self defence; it also benefits health, strengthens the body, dispels sickness and increases longevity.

Wuji Xiao Yao Class

Wuji Xiao YaoWuji Xiao Yao is the culmination of 60 years of training, competition, and judging experience amassed by Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang. Grandmaster Liang has integrated the essences of many different styles of external and internal martial arts into this unique system. This system has gained enormous recognition and praise from a great number of experts in the martial arts world. Wuji Xiao Yao System is not only practical in its applications, but is also extremely beautiful to watch. It contains numerous routines which focus training in free sparring, striking, grappling, throwing, pressure point striking, and weapon applications. Furthermore, the system integrates the essence of soft and hard Qigong, it also emphasizes the cultivation of Qi, light, and spirit with the goal of reaching enlightenment.