Shu Shan (Emei) Xiao Yao Bagua Sword

Shu Shan (Emei) Xiao Yao Bagua Sword

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Shu Shan (Emei) Xiao Yao Bagua Sword

Featuring: Helen Liang

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50 minutes
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Bagua Sword - Shu Shan (Emei) Xiao Yao: Bagua is an internal martial art, akin to Tai Chi, known for its circular movements. It is based on the philosophical concepts of Yin and Yang, Tai Chi and I Ching. This Bagua sword comes from the Shu Mountain Range, where Emei Mountain lies. Many captivating stories and legends have told for generations about the sword immortals living in this area. Xiao Yao means to accord or comply with ones heart, to do something ones heart dedicates with no restraint. When applied to the martial arts, it means that when ones martial arts skill reaches a certain level, one enters into a state of freedom.

In this video, Master Helen Liang will reveal the techniques behind this mysterious and beautiful sword method. Master Liangs videos are some of the most popular bestsellers in our catalog. We are very pleased to be able to offer another title from this award-winning master of the martial arts.