Past Instructor Al Arsenault
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Al Arsenault - Sanshou

Al is a sanshou instructor and Founding President of the International Sanshou Dao Association. With over 30 years martial arts experience in karate, kobudo, police restraint and control tactics as well as boxing and judo, he is no stranger to the fighting spectrum . He is a veteran of the Vancouver Police Department, having served as a control tactics instructor, street weapons expert, member of the Crowd Control Unit. He is also a co-founder of the famed Odd Squad.

His expertise in control tactics and study of practical ground fighting techniques has led him to co-author a book with Joe Faulise: "Chin Na in Ground Fighting: The Principles of Submission Holds for the Streets"

Al has a no-nonsense approach to the martial arts. His early studies of various karate styles and vocational training as a police officer led him to study and refine practical street-worthy techniques.

He does, however, deliver his teachings in a fun and safe atmosphere. He considers himself to be a perpetual student of the martial arts and is constantly reading from his martial arts library of over 1,150 books. He was the Canadian fighting coach for the 1994 North American Martial Arts Demonstration Team and while on tour, was a gold medallist in the Shanghai International Competition.

Al is humbled by the knowledge and skill of his teachers, Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang and Master Yuwa Wong. He feels inspired and fortunate to be guided by men of their high caliber on life's beautiful but sometimes difficult and twisting path.

Personal Words:

"There is a time for talk and a time for action" (referring to the timing of the judicious application of force) and "Get the job done!" (in regards to the adoption of the egoless mindset needed for effective fighting) are two of his favorite sayings.