Instructor Katrina Leung

Katrina started Wushu at the age of 5 under the close tutelage of Grandmaster Liang and has become one of the school's finest and most famous athletes. Born and raised in Canada, she has been a national team member competing at world championships for ten years and trained with many revered Chinese martial arts masters such as Master Wu Bin (Jet Li's original coach) and the Beijing Wushu team, Master He We Qi in the United States, and Master Li Wen Qi in Toronto, Canada.

Katrina has been featured in countless media: guest-starring in a Warner Brothers television show, appearing in a Women’s World Cup Soccer commercial, and being televised on ESPN and TSN sports networks. She has also been in Inside Kung Fu magazine, Qigong/Kung Fu magazine, and the Ming Pao newspaper.

She is the lead coach for the youth and advanced athletes at the school. As a former high-level athlete she has the experience to nurture and develop future martial artists. Her goal is to actively promote the long-term growth of martial arts in B.C. and establish the infrastructure for practitioners of all levels to achieve excellence, both at high level competition and recreational levels. She is active in the governance and promotion of Wushu at the provincial, national and international levels. She is also a corporate finance and securities lawyer at a firm in Vancouver.

Personal Words:

Deal with the bitter, then cherish the sweet.

Sometimes getting to Heaven means going through Hell.

Coach of BC athletes competing at 2nd Canadian Junior National Team Selections in Toronto, Canada
Judge for multiple Quebec, Ontario and B.C. provincial and regional competitions
Guest star in Warner Brothers Television Series Black Sash as “Jade”
IWUF 7th World Wushu Championships in Macau China: 6th in Spear, 8th in Long Fist
Achievement Award for Best Wushu Athlete of the Year - Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations
6th Degree Instructor Certification - Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations
Canadian National Wushu Team member
Canadian National Wushu Team member (at the age of 13), obtained 3rd place for staff in the world, 7th in Long Fist
All Around Women's Grandchampion and the Pan-Am Games, 3 gold medals
4th best Canadian result in international competition in Italy, Best Wushu Athlete of North America
Grandchampion in the USA National Wushu Competition, 3 gold medals, Canadian National Wushu Team member (at age of 9), 5th place for staff, 7th in Long Fist
Youngest Canadian Wushu Demonstration Team member, 1 Gold in Shanghai competition
2 Bronze, 1 Silver at International Wushu Competition in US
1 Gold, 1 Silver at US National Wushu Competition