Assistant Instructor Rena Huang

Rena Huang is a former professional dancer from the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy, the top dance school in China. She is a prodigy in terms of dexterity and coordination, being able to learn complex movements only by watching them once. Her mother, also a dance teacher, discovered her ability when Rena was very young and at the age of 11 Rena was chosen from amongst tens of thousands of candidates to leave home and train full-time at the academy. She quickly excelled to become one of the best dancers in her time, having won top awards at many Chinese national competitions despite being at least 2 years younger than all the other dancers in her graduating class. She later served as a principle dancer with the Youth Dance Troupe of the Beijing Dance Academy as they went on to tour around the world. This well-regarded dance troupe, one of the main performance groups of the Beijing Dance Academy, is traditionally comprised of only the best and most talented dancers in the academy.

Rena remained with the Beijing Dance Academy as a professional instructor until she immigrated to Canada in 1994 on an invitation to teach locally in Vancouver. She eventually joined the Shou-Yu Liang Wushu Taiji Qigong Institute in 2000. With her incredible training and foundation in dance, she quickly adapted to Wushu and was able to learn many techniques and styles with relative ease.

Personal Words:

I'm very lucky to have had a chance to meet Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang and his beautiful daughter Helen Liang. Because of that I have discovered a new way of life that I have come to value greatly. I have met so many incredible people and have become friends with many of them. Even though I appreciate dancing, its grace and beauty, I fell in love with Wushu. It not only has beautiful forms and movements but also is practical in use and can improve one's health. I feel so much stronger now both physically and mentally. I not only learned Wushu from Grandmaster Liang, but also gained a new perspective on life.