Canadian National Wushu Team Selection 2001 in Toronto

By Hong Tjhie

This year's Canadian team trials were held June 29 to July 1, 2001 in Toronto, Ontario. They were presented by the confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations and co-organized by the United Wushu Federation of Canada. Much time and effort was contributed into organizing this competition and it was probably the best run team selection competition even held in Canada.

Some impressive aspects were also noted at this tournament. Organizers of the competition were able to obtain not just one but several sponsors. This year, they also attempted to bring in the highest calibre of judges available by ensuring that all the judges were certified by the International Wushu Federation. On top of that, the competition started on time and was never behind schedule.

2001 Canadian Sanshou team members from the Shou-Yu Liang Wushu Taiji Qigong Institute

This year Katrina Leung placed second overall out of the female competitors, and again earned an opportunity to represent Canada for Taolu. At the Sanshou team selections held earlier this Summer in Vancouver, Howie Leung, Derek Cheng, Ayron Howey, and Tjong Tjhie from the institute all took first place in their divisions. In total, there are five athletes from the Shou-Yu Liang Wushu Taiji Qigong institute that will be representing Canada on the national Wushu team, this year to be held October 2001 in Armenia. We wish them all the best of luck!