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By Katrina Leung

Katrina Leung - Longfist

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it. Team trials are coming up fast, seems like yesterday I was worrying about how there was only 6 months left till the end of June, now it's mid-May and nothing feels better then knowing you had good form today. Anticipation is in all of the Canadian athletes across the country as we train our butts off to excel and perform with the best possible standards we can achieve. Athletes across the nation will be travelling to Toronto for the Nationals that will be the most competitive team trials yet. Four women and four men will be chosen to represent Canada at the 6th World Wushu competition in Armenia this fall. There is less then 7 weeks until I'll be leaving for Toronto fighting for a spot on the Canadian team.

It's great to be able to have others to train with. A few months ago, having no one to train with would have been my main excuse for slacking off. Now it's awesome to be able to push each other and train together to make it to the Canadian National team. To have such great support from my family and fellow Wushu students at my school is what keeps me going when my legs start to give way at the ends of my forms. As we train hard and get through so many forms and endless stamina drills, I feel it's my duty to be cheering on my school's team and the students within it. "Jia yo, jia yo." Its the main thing you'll be hearing when Candice, Hong, Erica, and I race though our forms, trying hard to perfect them. Otherwise our fate will be to do the form again.

With persistence and hard work, I'll be on the National team, and with luck and a lot of persuading of my parents, I hope I can travel to Beijing where I can finally again see my Wushu friends from all over the world. Once in the capital of China, I'll have the great honor of training with one of the most prestigious Wushu team in the world once again. With two or so months of training I will picture myself competing in Armenia and my ultimate goal is to take home a medal in all my categories for Canada this year including Chang Chuan, Staff, and Straight Sword. No matter what, good luck to all the Wushu people around the World, and hopefully I'll see ya in Armenia this November! JIA YO!