SYL Wushu Newsletter

October/November 2001 - Volume 1, Number 6

SYL Wushu Newsletter

Recover and Cherish

"He who hesitates to act can achieve nothing; he who hesitates to deal with things gains no merit."

I was stunned when I saw the live pictures of the plane crashes, the collapse of the twin buildings, and thousands of people running away from the explosions. This kind of scene is something that happens in a movie; you just can't believe it was really happening in America... When I saw the buildings collapse, my tears came out... I couldn't believe that these two historic buildings could suddenly disappear from the world in seconds. I felt the deepest sorrow for those who are injured, missing, and lost.

No one in the world could believe that these happened not because of a force of nature, but by terrorists attacks. This told me how fragile our lives are, that we should enjoy our time here as much as we can... we shouldn't work that hard... instead we should get out from work and experience a little bit more of the world we live in. We should cherish more in our lives, because no one knows what will happen a second later...

It's too hard to believe that all these events are real; there are too many things for us to think through and digest... I guess every one of us will need some more time to adjust to the truth and recover from the trauma...

I wish you a happy life which is full of smiles everyday!!

- Sandy