A Beginning - See Where It Leads!

By Tony Bujas

From time to time, Sifu introduces us to pearls of wisdom; for us to hopefully contemplate and gain more insight from. When we at first scratch the surface of the expression, we may think, "Ah! I Know That!" or even, "That's Silly!".

When we ponder the phrase, we may find "Whoa... This has depth! It's on many levels!". Yin Yang and Oneness may all come into play. Sifu plants the seed-idea into your thoughts, hoping it will blossom and bear fruit. The fun is in discovering what it means to you.

Here's one I'd like to share with you:


Your teacher leads you into the right door, you cultivate yourself.

Sifu shows you how to train, gives you the "how to do", tells you what is right and what is wrong, which way is okay and which way is not okay - the right door.

Practice depends on you. After you have entered the right door and learned the correct methods, you practice by yourself. You, "YOURSELF", train, practice, develop, and cultivate your growth!

The DOING is yours! You follow the RIGHT DOOR, the right path, the right transmission, and you just practiceyourself. You make yourself better, and better, and better - it is your achievement! Your achievement for almost everything basically depends on you and following the right door.

Exercise, train, practice, develop, grow, and cultivate yourself. Gain your own achievement, by yourself,via the right door. You give credit to your Sifu for bringing you to the right door and nurturing your growth, and he gives credit to you when you can show your achievement.