Si Sound for Nourishing the Lungs

By Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang and Master Wen-Ching Wu

Movement and Intention:

Step 1
Use Drawing 1-9 as a reference. Stand (or sit) with your feet shoulder width apart, and arms to your sides (figure 1-11). Pay attention to your exhalation three times, to remove the impurities from your lungs.

Then take a deep breath. When you take a deep breath, use your mind to lead the qi from the universeintoyourbodyand down to the lidui point on the lateral side of the tip of your second toe. Si Sound for Nourishing the Lungs This is also the last point on the Stomach Channel.

Step 2
Hold your breath. Raise your hands up in front of your body, with your hands facing up, and the fingerspointingtoward each other. As your hands reach your Shanzhong point, midway between your nipples (Figure 1-12), rotate your palms until they are facing out.

As you raise your hands, use your mind to lead the qi from your second toe up the Liver Channel, starting from dadun, to taichong, along the inside of your legs, to jimai, to zhangmen, to qimen, and then enter into your lungs.

Step 3
Exhale, and begin making the Si (Sssssss) sound. At the same time, push your arms to the sides as you hold up your huiyin area and bring your abdomen in (Figure 1-13).

As you make the Si sound, lead the impurities out your lungs through your mouth and the Lung Channel passing zhongfu, yunmen, along your arms, to taiyuan, to yuji, and out of your shaoshang point on the medial corner of our thumbnail.

Repeat Steps 1 to 3, 6 times.