Kidney Qigong Part 2 - Strengthening the Kidneys

By Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang and Master Wen-Ching Wu

This technique takes in the pure essence of the universe; and supplements the innate essence in your kidneys. This solidifies the foundation of life and strengthens your jing.

Movements and Intention:

Step 1.
Sit straight with your feed touching the floor about a shoulder width apart. Sit with only one-third ofyourhipson the chair. Don't lean back on the chair. Place your hands naturally on top of your knees as in Figure 1-14.

Step 2.
Breathe naturally until your dantian is full of qi. Exhale slowly, draw in your abdomen and hold up the huiyin area slightly. At the same time, lead the qi from your dantianmingmen point, then separate into tow paths around your waist and meet at your navel.

Inhale slowly and release the huiyin area as you push your stomach out. At the same time,leadthe qi from your navel to your dantian.

Elevating the Kidneys

Key Points:
  1. The huiyin area refers to the testicles, vas deferens, penis and the anus muscles for men; the vulva, vagina, clitoris, and the anus muscles for women.
  2. This technique can be trained at any time. However, do not train more than 20 repetitions at a time. After each set, rest for a while before repeating the training. Too many repetitions at one time may cause dizziness for some people.
  3. People with high blood pressure should rest after every 5 repetitions, before resuming the training again.
  4. People that have a hard time falling asleep should avoid training this technique at night.