A Show of Spirit

By Perry Lo

The 2001 North American Wushu/Kung Fu Championships took place on Sunday November 18, 2001 in the beautiful city of Richmond, a close suburb to Vancouver. Hosted by Sifu Ken Low, the event was a major fundraiser for Wushu BC, an association of British Columbian Chinese martial arts practitioners to promote the sport of Wushu.

Like so many other competitions, the day started early for the competitors, and even earlier for the administrators. Registration was scheduled at 8 AM sharp with eliminations starting exactly one hour afterwards. Though the judges meetings and general protocol took a little longer than expected, the day passed with no major problems. There were many great performances by the competitors as well great shows of support from their different schools.

The day concluded with some fabulous shows by the Masters and their advanced students. The demonstrations, hosted by Gil Tan and Helen Liang, consisted of speeches from the president and vice-president of Wushu BC, special award presentations, and of course, unique martial arts.

Congratulations go to all the competitors at this year's event, for all their hard workand dedication!

A list of participants from the Shou-Yu Liang Wushu Taiji Qigong Institute:

  • Dora Justina Barden - Competitor
  • Matthew Case - Competitor, 1 Gold in Bagua Zhang
  • Mo Hui - Administrator
  • Leslie Chan - Competitor, 1 Bronze in Broadsword, 1 Silver in Staff, 1 Gold in Longfist
  • Derek Cheng - Administrator
  • Tiffannie Chung - Competitor, 1 Bronze in Double Sword
  • Chris Donnahee - Competitor, 1 Bronze in Taiji Sword, 2 Golds in Chen and Other Taiji
  • Ken Gehrs - Competitor, 3 Silvers in Yang, Chen, and Other Taiji Styles; 2 Golds in Taiji Sword and Xing Yi; All Around Internal Forms Champion; All Around Internal Champion
  • Simon Ho - Competitor, 3 Silvers in Yan Qing, Spear, and 3-Section Staff
  • Derek Lau - Competitor
  • Francis Lau - Administrator
  • Mary-Lynn Lewis - Competitor, 1 Bronze in Chen style, 1 Silver in Taiji sword
  • Howie Leung - Administrator
  • Katrina Leung - Administrator
  • Perry Lo - Competitor, 1 Silver in Chen Style
  • Kelly Maclean - Administrator
  • Shauna Mullinix - Competitor, 1 Bronze in Other Taiji, 1 Gold in 42 Form Taiji
  • Thi Nguyen - Competitor, 1 Gold in San Shou Do
  • Tjong Tjhie - Administrator
  • Chanelle Wong - Competitor, 3 Bronzes in Longfist, Spear, and Sword
  • David Wu - Competitor, 1 Bronze in Other Internal Weapons
  • Chenhan Yang - Administrator