Chui Sound to Ensure Kidney Health

By Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang and Master Wen-Ching Wu

Movement and Intention

Step 1

Chui Sound toEnsure Kidney Health - Kidney ChannelUsing Drawing 1-10 as a reference. Stand or sit with your feet shoulder width apart, and arms toyoursides (Figure 1-16). Inhale, begin raising your hands up toward your lower back with the back of your hands facing your body (Figure 1-17).

As your hands reach kidney level, bring both hands forward toward your belly button with your fingerspointingdown. As you raise your hands, lead the Qi up from your yongquan points on the bottom of your feet, up along the Kidney Channel on the inside of your legs, into the tailbone, up along the lower part of your spine, and into your kidneys.

Continue the arm movements and bring your arms up in front of your chest (along the Kidney Channel) untiltheyare right below your collar bone and turn your palms to face each other (Figures 1-18 and 1-19).

Step 2

Exhale, make the Chui sound by opening your mouth slightly with your tongue drawn in, and the corner of your mouth pulled slightly to the sides. At the same time, squeeze in with your hands as though you were holding a ball, and squat down (Figure 1-20).

Keep your upper body as straight as you can, hold up your huiyin area, and pull your abdomen in. As you exhale and make the Chui sound, use your mind to lead all the impurities from your kidney channel and kidneys out of your mouth.

Chui Sound toEnsure Kidney Health - Movments

After completing step 2, stand up slowly and repeat step 1 and 2 a total of six times.