A Clarification on Chinese Martial Arts Kinship

By Tony Bujas and Derek Cheng

We had an unintentional "misname" recently at the club, and to help sort things out and for future reference; I decided to put together a little table of common terms used.

What started as something initially thought of as simple became complicated, then very complicated, and then (for peace of mind at least) streamlined. The following table and chart are the end result. Any and all mistakes and omissions are mine to take responsibility for - I apologize in advance if anything appears odd and improper. The final say in your club rests on your ShiFu's shoulders and his/her preferences. I have found out that distinctions can become very detailed. The spelling of the anglicized Mandarin is meant to be Pinyin, and the anglicized Cantonese is my own understanding of the spelling. The chart is from YOUR point of reference. Therefore, the terms are what you would call someone else in relation to you. Finally, thanks to all who helped me with this - sorry for the headaches. Thank you ShiFu (Grandmaster Liang), Helen Liang, Rena Huang, and Derek Cheng.

LaoShi LoSi Teacher
ShiFu SiFu Master/Teacher (Father Type Figure)
ShiMu SiMo Master's Wife
ShiXiong SiHing Senior Brother Classmate
ShiJie SiJeh Senior Sister Classmate
ShiDi SiDai Junior Brother Classmate
ShiMei SiMui Junior Sister Classmate
DaShiXiong DaiSiHing Most Senior Brother Classmate
DaShiJie DaiSiJeh Most Senior Sister Classmate
XiaoShiDi SiuSiDai Most Junior Brother Classmate
XiaoShiMei SiuSiMui Most Junior Sister Classmate
ZuShiYie JoSayYeh Founder of a System
ZuXian JoSeen Ancestor
ShiZu SiJo Great GrandMaster - Your Master's Master's Master
TaiShiZuMu TaiSiJoMo Great GrandMaster's Wife
ShiGong SiGung Male GrandMaster - Your Master's Master
ShiPo SiPo Female GrandMaster - Your Master's Master
ShiBo SiBak Your Master's Senior Brother or Sister Classmate
ShiShu SiSuk Your Master's Junior Brother or Sister Classmate
ShiBoGong SiBakGung GrandMaster's Senior Brother or Sister Classmate
ShiShuGong SiSukGong GrandMaster's Junior Brother or Sister Classmate
YieYie YehYeh GrandFather (also respectful term for elder generation male)
NaiNai MaMa (PoPo) GrandMother (also respectful term for elder generation female)
XianSheng SinSang Mister
TaiTai TaiTai Mrs
XiaoJie SiuJeh Miss

Chinese Martial Arts Kinship