Rules of the School

By Ayron Howey

In my article before the last I discussed my opinion on respect as a martial artist and common sense. I will continue within that line of thought and discuss what I feel are rules every martial artist should know when belonging to a martial arts club or school.

Firstly, I think everyone should recognize that the club or school you belong to is exactly that, a school. Like any school there are rules and you must work hard in order to progress. Just showing up will only get you an 'F'.

The authority figure in a school is immediately the teacher. Sometimes there are Assistant teachers and they need to be granted the same respect. One aspect that should be looked at repeatedly are the reasons for learning. Some people may have different reasons for attending martial arts classes, whether it's for health, knowledge or a social activity. I think it is important to realize that if you are there for a social reason, others may not be, and you need to respect the fact. If you are in University and someone is studying for their exam you would not interrupt their studying because you do not have an exam and wish them to socialize with you. Respect the others you are training with.

I was fortunate enough to begin martial arts at a very young age and I have a lot of rules ingrained in me. For those of you that are unaware I hope these opinions help you in your training.

  1. No gum chewing once you enter the school
  2. Take off any hats once you enter the school
  3. Be ready for class on time
  4. Ask for permission from your instructor before you leave class for any reason
  5. Bow to your instructor when leaving a class for any reason
  6. Do not talk when your teacher is talking
  7. Do not interrupt other classes
  8. Never walk through a class, always walk around
  9. Do not ask questions about new techniques, wait until at least the next class after you have had time to practice it more
  10. Respect your fellow students space, do not interrupt their training
  11. Be humble
  12. Try to understand the history/philosophy of the art you are learning
  13. What the teacher says is the law within the school, be respectful
  14. Respect the senior students and instructors
  15. Lead by example