Vocalization of Sounds

By Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang and Master Wen-Ching Wu

We had an e-mail question from an avid reader of Qigong Empowerment in regards to the proper vocalization of the 6 Healing Sounds. It made me think as to how to get the sounds across correctly. I feel that in written format it will always be open to misinterpretation. However, an attempt to answer the question was made, with a follow up web article including sound vocalization by Master Shou-yu Liang was promised as being in the works. This is that sounds article, including vocalizations for "Song" and OM AH HUM and OM MA NI PAD ME HUM.

(Please note that the 6 Healing Sounds can also be heard on Master Liang's video: "Health Maintenance Qigong").

The book referenced is entitled: Qigong Empowerment by Master Shou-Yu Liang & Wen-Ching Wu

For some background on the healing properties of sounds and speech I suggest you familiarize yourself with at least the following pages in the book:

  • pp. 19-20, Sound
  • pp. 70-71, Six Healing Sounds For Nourishing Life and Table 1-2
Sounds XU Xu Sound KE Ke Sound HU Hu Sound SI Si Sound CHUI Chui Sound XI Xi Sound
Organs Liver Heart Spleen Lungs Kidneys Triple Burner
Seasons Spring Summer Late Summer Fall Winter ---
Seasons Spring Summer Late Summer Fall Winter ---
Elements Wood Fire Earth Metal Water ---
Specific Openings Eyes Tongue Mouth Nose Ears ---
  • pp. 132-133, Cultivating the Esoteric Abilities of Speech

The following vocalizations are presented with their main page of reference as described in the book:

  • pp. 32-34, Basic Relaxation Technique (Fangsong Gong), sound is Song, and
  • pp. 34-35, Relaxing the Body & Calming the Mind Technique (Song Jing Jianshen Gong), sound is Song
  • pp. 45-46, Si Sound for Nourishing the Lungs, sound is Si (Sssssss)
  • pp. 50-52, Chui Sound to Ensure Kidney Health, sound is Chui (Chweee...or Tchweeee...)
  • pp. 55-56, Xu Sound to Calm the Liver, sound is Xu (Shuuu…yiii…or Schwyiii...)
  • pp. 60-62, Ke Sound to Ease the Heart Fire, sound is Ke (Keh)
  • pp. 65-66, Hu Sound to Strengthen the Stomach and Spleen, sound is Hu (Huuuuu... or Whoooo...)
  • pp. 68-69, Xi Sound to Regulate the Triple Burner, sound is Xi (Seeeeee…or Sheeee...)
  • pp. 132-133, Cultivating the Esoteric Abilities of Speech, sounds of: OM AH HUMOM AH HUM Sound and OM MA NI PAD ME HUMOM MA NI PAD ME HUM Sound