What is Wushu?

By Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang

Wushu is Chinese Martial Arts. The Chinese character for "Wu" is made up of two parts. The first part meansto stop and the second part means to a lance - a spear like weapon used in war and fighting. "Shu" means art. Thus, Wushu literally means the art of stopping war and fighting or the art of stopping violence.

Mo Hui and Simon Ho

Wushu is the essence of Chinese civilization and is a major component of the Chinese social, historical, cultural, scientific, military, medical, psychological, and educational developments. From this perspective of harmonious integration, Wushu is more than just combat readiness training. It is also a life nourishing, mental, spiritual, and educational training.

Wushu has another name known as Kung Fu. Kung Fu is a term describing the level of achievement (good or poor)an individual has. It also refers to the time and effort an individual invests in their training. Wushu emphasizes "training the muscle/tendons, bones, and skin externally; and training Qi internally". Qi, in this case, refers to breathing, and the internal energy controlled.

Wushu includes many kinds of internal and external ways to training. Wushu consists of more than150 different schools and has thousands of different forms and styles.