Basic Kicks - Inside Crescent Kick

By Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang and Master Wen-Ching Wu

An Inside Crescent Kick is a circular kick with the sole of the foot. It is accomplished by swinging your kicking leg in from the outside, up and down to the opposite side.

Drill: From the starting position, take a small step forward with your left foot, turn your foot out about 30 degrees, and shift your weight onto your left leg (Figure 2-15). Swing your right leg from behind, to your right and up, in front of your body with your leg straight. At the same time, slap your left hand towards the oncoming foot, contacting the bottom of your right foot (Figures 2-16 and 2-17).

Inside Cresent Kick

After the impact, continue the movement of your right leg towards your left and touch down lightly with the ball of your foot (Figure 2-18).

You may repeat the kick in place 10 to 20 times by moving your kicking foot back to the starting position. You may also alternate kicking with one leg then the next across the training area, by stepping forward with the foot that has just completed the kick, then kick with the back leg. Alternating from side to side.