Rules - Keeping It Simple

By Tony Bujas

Seasons Greetings! Wishing You Fond Remembrances and Happy Holidays! To start off the New Year, I thought I'd input some simple rudiments for all.


  1. Your martial arts training hall is a School and a Family!
  2. Have Respect for all, including yourself.
  3. Endeavour to Help and Love each other.
    (As Sifu puts it: Respect from each other, Help from each other, Love from each other.)
  4. Bow to Sifu!
  5. Say "Hello" to Instructors by bowing!
  6. Be Humble. Be Kind. Be Patient.
  7. Be open to learning, (to the teachings) and keep a positive attitude.
  8. Always try and do your best.
  9. Strive to do better, to improve, to be more successful - Persevere.
  10. Cultivate Virtue: Morality, Righteousness, Honesty, Trust, Loyalty, and Courage
  11. Be a good person. Lead by Example!
  12. Help to keep the school clean - when you see something needs doing, DO IT!
  13. Any problems (physical, financial, emotional…) - tell Instructor/Sifu - feel free to talk.
  14. When watching other Students and Instructors - Individuals, please keep in mind:
    Basics & Principles are the same - flavour, preference & understanding may be different.