Taiji 24 Form - Section 8 of 8

By Kelly Maclean

Before continuing into the final section, you must be sure to have learned and practiced sections1 to7 correctly.These instructions assume SOUTH as the starting direction.

Deflect Down, Parry, and Punch

Shift weight to the right leg, bending at the knee and turning the left leg inward so that the toes of the left foot point north-east, both arms arc up and to the right. Shift to the left leg, bending at the knee, and make a fist with the right hand, as it circles down to in front of the abdomen; the left palm presses down to in front of the chest. Bring the fist up inside the left arm with the eye of the fist looking inward (both hands are palms down) while lifting the right knee slightly. As the right leg turns outward to do a twist step, the heel landing first and the toes tuning outward to the north-west, the right forearm and the back of the fist deflect downward so that the fist is about shoulder level, and the left hand ends up under the right elbow. Look over the fist.

Shift to the right leg, allowing the shoulders to turn to the right, and, while circling the lefthandclockwise ona horizontal plane around to the front, palm facing obliquely downward, pull the right fist in toward the waist, eye of the fist looking outward (palm up). Continue to look forward, over the left hand.

Step out with the left foot and, shifting to a left bow stance, punch forward with the right hand, turning the fist so that the eye looks upward, and draw the left hand back to touch the right forearm. Keep the right elbow slightly bent, and look forward.

Apparent Closure

Slide the left hand under the right elbow and turn it palm up. While shifting the weight back, bending the right knee, and lifting the toes of the left foot, slide the left hand forward, under the right forearm. Open the right hand, palm up.

Turn both hands palms down and press down to waist level. Shifting to a left bow stance, push toshoulderlevel, as in "Grasp the Sparrow's Tail." Keep elbows slightly bent, the shoulders down, and the eyes focused forward.

Cross Hands

Turn the toes of the right foot out slightly and, while shifting to the right leg, arc the right handslightlyup and over to the right side; the left foot turns in to point north. Look over the right hand. Shifting to the left leg, both hands arc downward. Move the right foot to shoulder width from the left foot, so that the feet are even, and gather the hands to cross at the wrists, palms facing inward, right hand on the outside. Look forward and keep the space between the arms and the chest open, knees slightly bent.

Closing Form

Separate hands, palms down, by brushing the left hand over the top of the right hand, to shoulderwidth. Standing up, the elbows sink and both hands stroke downward, fingers lightly extended. Relax the hands at the bottom. Move the left foot in beside the right foot, so that the feet are together.

This concludes the 24 Form.