A Journey Through Wushu: Struggles

By Mea Jyn

At some point in everybody's journey through whatever it is they are trying to do, there are always certain obstacles or struggles that the individual has to get past. Whether their goal is to obtain a Master's degree in university, or be an Olympic champion, or become the CEO of some major organization, it is something that we all must face. When these times strike I find that it is one of the greatest self-tests that an individual can be put through. It is a glimpse of the internal willpower and strength of the individual; you can either overcome or be defeated. Then you can either decide to look into yourself, see what you could have done differently and improve on your self, or you can push it aside and pretend there was nothing going on.

I feel that I am facing these struggles right now involving my wushu training, and it is a crazy time. One of the hardest things I have to face all the time is balancing work and everything else. I find myself dedicating less and less time to my training and it doesn't feel right or healthy. My body is telling me that it's not being treated the way it should be and I know that when I start training more frequently that my body will feel like its starting all over again. I also feel like I'm at my wushu school less and less that I fear I may become one of many who have stopped into a place then vanish, never coming back for various reasons. I know that I am not that person though, I know that my heart is here and that this is where I should be, so then for me it becomes a struggle to follow my heart and do what I truly feel that I'm supposed to do. I must not settle for second best and I must find a way to balance everything (family, wushu, school, work, etc) and still take time for myself.

Only time will tell the strength of my willpower.