Getting More From Your Qigong/Meditation

By Tony Bujas

Helen Liang - Qigong

You’'ve been practicing your Qigong and your Meditation. You understand the basics well enough. Is thereanythingmore that can be done to help improve the benefits that you are already receiving? Yes!

For your next session try the following pre-meditation routine:

  • Clean/Wash yourself, brush your teeth, etc. (minimum wash your hands).
  • Light up some incense, if so inclined.
  • Enter a mental frame of purifying yourself & your environment (purification is very important for higher level Qigong/meditation).
  • Sit and relax. Keep your spine straight.
  • Mentally purify yourself, your heart & mind, your thoughts & actions, etc. (remove all impurities in your Body/Mind/Heart/Spirit/Soul system).
  • Place your hands over your heart and give yourself to meaningfully prayer. You may pray for help, yourself, others, improvement, good things, or etc. (Your belief system is your own, how you pray is up to you. The point is to pray from the heart.)
  • Give thanks. Thanks to creation, to your sifu, to your sifu’s teachers, to your loved ones, tofamily, to friends, to all you have to be thankful for.
  • Check yourself. Contemplate things you did not do right; be sorry for your misgivings (theideahereis to absolve guilt, cleanse the mind, heal the spirit, become a high level spiritual entity).
  • Be at peace within. Remove all the darkness. Your spirit is clean.
  • Relax your whole body, inside and out, for about 5 minutes (stay awake).
  • Visualize: essence, light, your body becoming transparent; your body turns pure, translucent, brilliant & clear.

You can also use this as a meditation in and of itself for as long a time as feels right for you. Or, you can use this technique to begin and enhance your current qigong/meditation sessions. Trust in yourself to know when you’re at this stage.