First Annual Xiao Yao Village Retreat 2004

By Tjong Tjhie

Thanks to all the participants who made the first annual Xiao Yao Village Retreat a great success! XiaoYao Village, Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang's personal training facility, is located in the Vancouver suburb of Richmond. Grandmaster Liang put much of his energy in creating this surreal Chinese martial arts center - complete with a pond, indoor gym, garden, and dedicated outdoor training areas for different martial arts styles.

For nine days, Grandmaster Liang welcomed participants from all over North America to Xiao Yao. Studentsof all ages and levels came to learn and relax, taking in as much of Grandmaster Liang's knowledge and natural energy of the area as they could. Together, they practiced Tai Chi, Qigong (meditation and energy cultivation), Qinna (grappling), Shuai Jiao (throwing and take-downs), and Water Style. Helen Liang and some of the schools regular instructors were also among the attendees.

Grandmaster Liang wishes to thank everyone that attended and hopes for your continued health andhappiness. Because of the success of the first annual retreat, 2005 will see a Spring and Summer workshop event. We hope to see you all again next year!