A Journey Through Wushu: 2005 Resolutions

By Mea Jyn

Happy New Year's everyone, glad we all made it through together. In this article I would like to write about the people I have been inspired by throughout 2004 and what my "resolutions" are for the New Year. This is definitely the year of change for me because my whole life is going to change. This is the year when I will refocus and set my mind on my goals. You see, I've got to start anew: new job, realistic goals, learning and growing with my family again, school, and rebuilding myself. I've got to take my time and think clearly now, I've got no choice and have been given a fresh start. I'm sure what seemed like the worst thing that could happen to me (losing my job), was actually a blessing in disguise. I was stuck to a job that wasn't getting me where I wanted to go and now that I've lost it without a choice in the matter, I can truly try to focus on what I want. This year is my test of determination and following through and knowing what I "want", respecting and believing in myself.

So let me tell you about the people who have inspired me. First off, let me start with my dad; truly a strong man, he has already lead me through what is going to be 20 years of my life. As a family we have been through joy and tragedy and he is who helps me to remain strong everyday. Though I may be terrible at expressing myself to him, I hope that he will always know I have always loved him, respected him, and will take care of him in his aging years. And I hope to make him proud, because I know that I will be successful if I have my family with me. And making my dad proud and my family strong will tell me I have achieved my goals. Achieving what I want in life and having my family with me. I love you dad, we will make it, I know it.

Also: my Sifu, my instructors, my classmates, everyone at SYL who have encouraged me throughout the year, and kept me remembering why I began Wushu in the first place, thank you. And to Fremont Woo who made sure I was okay even when I disappeared and giving me advice, Thanks for your concern and care. Sifu Shouyu Liang, Helen Liang, Ayron Howey, Dan Marks, Derek Cheng, Kelly Maclean, Tony Bujas, Mo Fong Hui, Tjong Tihie, Perry Lo, Fremont Woo, and everyone else. I wish you continued success this year.

I have to give credit to two very good friends of mine as well. These two have inspired me, as good friends will, to not give up and achieve my goals. With six years on me, they've been through things I've yet to experience. Even though because I was addicted to my job in an unhealthy way, I didn't give them much face time, they continue to be my friends, and me to them. Hehe! One who has over 10 years tae Kwon Do and is chief instructor of his school, who will also be the pioneer of fusing his love of Hip Hop with his love of martial art, and is producing his first CD this year, yeah! And will one day possibly work with Zhang Ziyi in the future. The other who is shooting towards her black belt in Karate, is taking Anthropology in school, and has taught herself Yoga for the past seven years. She is seeking to further her knowledge and training in Yoga and will be an incredible Yogi in her time. Huy and Marlo here's my credit to you: thank you guys and I look forward to seeing more of you both this year and I give you my love and support.

My own goals and desires are to further my pursuit of Wushu, hoping one day to turn around and teach others myself. Training my body with Wushu, Sanshou, Taiji, Yoga, and finding my balance. Taking course in Asian Languages at university, and taking my Wushu training to the next level, whether it is Nationals, some acting or stunt work, demos, etc. promoting my love of Wushu to the world. I am sure I learned a lot in retail management but now I need to focus on what I am really passionate towards. And in the end, I know that no one can get me where I want to be except for myself. The choices I make, the willpower I have, and the focus I need. This year is my test. Hehe. But I need a vacation first cause if I burn out, man oh man!