2005 Can-Am Sanshou Results

By Ayron Howey

I had five students compete in Sanshou at the Can-Am Westcoast Championships recently held in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada this past June.

2005 Can-Am Sanshou Competition 2005 Can-Am Sanshou Competition

The fighters were trained in wushu basics including taolu movements for flexibility and speed, tai chi tuishou for rooting, shuai jiao for throws, and Xiaoyao system punches and kicks. They worked hard on their stamina through solid conditioning drills and cardio training, not one of them were too tired to fight during later rounds. In fact they fought though the pain and injuries to each achieve a medal!

At the end of the day, my numbers were: 5 fighters, 1 broken nose, 2 fractured toes, 1 arm broken in 4 places, 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and 1 bronze medal.

2005 Can-Am Sanshou CompetitionGrandmaster Liang's teachings to me were passed down to these fighters, proving that his training system produces solid fighters that will continue to succeed in the years to come. I want to personally thank Grandmaster Liang for his teachings on behalf of my competing team.

Looking forward to the national team trials in July we will be sending 3 fighters to compete. I wish them well. I want to thank Dan Marks for assisting in the training and supporting not only my team, but Sanshou in general in British Columbia. To all my fighters and my school, I want everyone to support the drive for the Nationals and I wish them success. We will work hard to show that Grandmaster Liang and the Xiaoyao system produces martial artists of the highest caliber and we hope to create more national champions as a testament to Grandmaster Liang's hard work and dedication.