Considering a Class?

By Tony Bujas

Qigong Class

Here's some info that may assist you in choosing what class or classes to take.

Wushu Class

Wushu (Kung Fu)
Helps builds a good foundation for all martial arts. Not everyone may find it suitable or to their liking but wortha try. You will find 6 months of training very beneficial. Grandmaster Liang suggests that if possible, everyone take this class for at least 2 years. You can start anytime; this class is divided into groups, suitable for all - children, adults, and families too. You progress at your own pace.

Qigong (Chi Kung)
The recommended class to start with is our "Health Maintenance Qigong", which falls under "Medical Qigong for Health". This class is a great introduction to Qigong in general and lays the groundwork for further study. Depending on schedules and class offerings, you can start with some of our other Qigong classes but do come back to this one - it's not one to be overlooked. For our Advanced Level Qigong, there can be prerequisites; Grandmaster Liang makes those known well in advance.

Taiji Class

Taiji (Tai Chi)
Beginners need to start with the 24-Form, then progress to 32-Sword, followed by the 48 Form. Thissetsup your foundation. After that Chen style will challenge you! Or you can try our other offerings of Taiji hand & weapon forms. If you have some experience in Taiji you may still want to consider taking the 24 or 48 Form - just to be on the same page so to speak.

The above 3 classes are all good for beginners. Mature students will appreciate the Qigong classesbest. Taijiclasses are generally also enjoyed best by mature students, however if any children are inclined towards taiji they should be encouraged to pursue their inclination, generally speaking kids will enjoy the Wushu (& Sanshou - see below) classes best.

Sanshou (Applied Wushu)
Martial Applications, Fighting Conditioning + Skills, and Fun class. Good for all ages. The class can get divided into groups; children, adults, and families are all welcome. For the serious competitors, their group gets specialized training and sparring. No need to be shy, give it a try!

Xing Yi (Twelve Animals)
Prerequisites preferred.

Bagua (Eight Trigrams)
Prerequisites preferred.

Liuhe Bafa (Water Style)
Prerequisites preferred.

For Xing Yi, Bagua, and Liuhe Bafa, prerequisites are preferred. Although you can start as a beginner you will get much more out of the classes if you have previous martial arts experience or our Wushu foundation. For Liuhe Bafa, it is best if you have previous Taiji, Xing Yi, and Bagua experience (Wushu {Kung Fu} wouldn't hurt either).