Overcoming Allergies with Traditional Chinese Medicine

By Melanie Wee

Allergies and TCM

What Causes An Allergic Reaction?

From a modern medical view point

  • A healthy person would normally produce antibodies to fight against or get rid of a harmfulsubstance that has entered the body.
  • When a person produces antibodies for a seemingly harmless substance, the person is said tobe allergic to that substance.
  • Symptoms such as itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, difficulty inhaling (asmatic attack),wheezing, itchy skin are commonly seen in a person having an allergic reaction.
  • A person is rarely allergic to only one thing. For example, people who suffer from Hay Fever (allergicto pollen), would find themselves allergic to many other things as well. Things like harsh commercial cleaning products, animal dander, molds, dust and so forth.
  • It appears that these people have an overly active immune system. In other words they havean overly sensitive immune system, resulting in a cold or flu like symptoms when in contact to an allergen. Does this mean that their immune system is too strong?

From Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

  • According to TCM, people suffer from allergies because they have a weak Wei Qi; a weak immune system.
  • Wei Qi is also known as the Protective or Defensive Qi. It is the TCM equivalent of the immunesystem. ThisQi is like a shield around our bodies that protect us from external invasion of pathogens. When it is weak, external (outside of our bodies) pathogens such as wind, cold and heat could enter our bodies and cause disease.
  • However, it does not mean that a person who is allergic to many things would have more bouts ofcolds and flus.
  • Furthermore, a person may come in contact with an allergen and not have an allergic reaction. It appears that there is a threshold level that must be exceeded before any symptoms would occur. For example a person come in contact with dust, but if the level of dust is low, he/she may not exhibit any symptoms.
  • The goal of TCM is to gradually increase this threshold level. So, that is would take moreand moreallergens tobe present before any symptoms can appear. Thus, gradually reducing the chances of an allergic reaction.

How to Overcome Allergies with TCM

  1. Build Your Wei Qi
    1. With Qi Building Foods
      • Eat foods that build your Qi
      • Examples, chicken or chicken soup, bird's nest, potatoes, red and black dates, squash, etc.
    2. With Acupuncture
    3. With Qi Gong exercises
      • Lung qi gong exercise
      • Kidney qi gong exercise
      • Stomach qi gong exercise
      • All of the above qi gong exercise can be found in Master Liang's Qi Gong Book. Theyare partof the medical Qi Gong exercises.
  2. Cleanse the colon to reduce the level of allergens (toxins) in the body.
  3. Eliminate dampness in the body and strengthen the Spleen.

Disclaimer: The information from this article is not intended to be used for diagnosing and/or treating any disorder or disease.