SYL Wushu Newsletter

May/June 2005 - Volume 5, Number 3

SYL Wushu Newsletter
Tony Bujas - Qigong
SYL Wushu Newsletter - MAY/JUNE 2005 - Volume 5, Number 3
Cover Image: Tony Bujas - Qigong, Photo by Perry Lo and Tjong Tjhie

qian bian wan hua - One Thousand Changes and Ten Thousand Transformations
qiān biàn wàn huà

"One Thousand Changes and Ten Thousand Transformations"

Said of the unending changes of things.

During the Western Zhou Dynasty, King Mu once met a versatile magician on one of his journeys. When asked what magic tricks he could do, the magician took out a puppet and made it sing and dance. The puppet danced rhythmically and gracefully, and the movements varied from time to time. The king gasped with admiration, "Its thousand and one changes are really fantastic!"

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