Difficulties Visualizing in Qigong Practice

By Tony Bujas

Visualization in Qigong Pracice

Questions naturally arise when a new Beginners Qigong Class starts up. One of the top questions has to do with visualization. Some people have difficulties visualizing and ask what they can do about it. I offer indirect and direct approaches that may help.

First, have faith and trust in the teacher and the teachings. Believe in the Qigong Method you are practicing, and know that you will give it your best try; you will faithfully "do it" as consistently as possible, step by step. Initially follow the procedure as close as you can. You are getting in touch with your body and its systems, connecting and opening up your channels. Physically smile and internally smile from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes, smiling within all your internal organs and into your bone marrow. Think: I am happy, I am relaxed. Release tension as best as possible. Once comfortable with what you are doing, make it your own.

Individual mind-speak and terminology can greatly vary from individual to individual. How you talk 'inside your own mind', with 'your own vocabulary meanings' differ from person to person. To help with visualization you may need to modify terms to suit your personal inner voice. This is good. Allow yourself permission to do this; know and trust your inner self to have valid sensations. I offer a listing of terms and expressions that can be used in various points of Qigong Training that you may find useful. You are encouraged to add and use your own - what works best for you.

relax natural flow release naturally circulate
let go stimulate feel tension be-gone open sense
flow by open up tingle just be activate tickle
be energize heat unwind invigorate cool
just watch no need to dwell tonify

In this way you allow whatever "visualization" required, developing naturally on its own. You are developing the "feeling" first, the mind-body connection, the sensations... Go with flow and just let it be.

To help strengthen your mind's-eye, try the following:

Go out and watch a tree, see it as clearly as possible, close your eyes and still see it, practice until you can do so. Go home, close your eyes and see the tree in your mind as clearly as if it were in front of you. You can do this with the full moon or even a candle. Any object of your choosing - practice looking at it, closing your eyes, and seeing it in your minds-eye; bringing the "picture" back whenever you like.