Body Conditioning 3 - Weight Training

By Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang and Tai D. Ngo

Goal: To increase the strength of the limbs and improve waist power and others powers such as lifting and thrusting through. Also develops body coordination and endurance.

Equipment: Traditionally, the weight was a stone between 20 and 100 pounds. Modern weight lifting equipment is acceptable (Figure 3-21).

Body Conditioning - Weight Training

Training Method:


Stand in Horse Stance, lift the weight up and push it out in front of your chest at shoulder height (Figures 3-22 and 3-23). Then pull the weight in and repeat as many times as you want (Figure 3-24).

Body Conditioning - Weight Training


Left Side:
Stand up with both feet shoulder width apart and bend slightly at the knees. Hold the weight in front of you with your right palm turned outward and left palm turned inward (Figure 3-25). Back view (Figure 3-26).

Step with your left foot behind and across your right foot (Figure 3-27) and swing the weight upward in a circular motion. Lead with the left hand and pivot 180 degrees, holding the weight above your head (Figure 3-28).

Continuing from Figure 3-28 above, step with your left foot behind and across the right foot and swing the weight downward in a circular motion as you pivot from your waist 180 degrees and back to the original form (Figures 3-29, 3-30, and 3-31). Repeat the exercise and gradually increase the weight and number of repetitions. Be sure that the dumbbells are securely fastened to the bar, and do not swing wildly.

Body Conditioning - Weight Training

Right Side:
Repeat the same exercises in the opposite direction.