Qinna Techniques 8 - Pull the Bow to Shoot the Tiger

By Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang, and Master Wen-Ching Wu

Qinna Techniques - Pull the Bow to Shoot the Tiger

Pull the Bow to Shoot the Tiger

Step 1. Your opponent grabs a hold of your right wrist from the bottom with his right hand (Figure 5-48). Circle your arm down clockwise to neutralize his grab (Figure 5-49).

Step 2. Rotate your right wrist up and grab a hold of his thumb with your left hand (Figure 5-50). Rotate your left hand in, as you hold onto his thumb, and lift up. At the same time push forward with your right hand towards his body so that he can't move (Figures 5-51 and 5-51R).

A. Grab your opponent's thumb as you circle your arm down before he lets go completely.
B. Keep your right hand anchored on your opponent's body to prevent him from moving around. You can also grab his shirt or skin to keep him locked.