SYL Wushu Newsletter

March/April 2006 - Volume 6, Number 2

Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang
Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang
SYL Wushu Newsletter - MARCH/APRIL 2006 - Volume 6, Number 2
Ji Feng Zhi Jin Cao - A Gale Tells the Hardiness of a Blade of Grass
Jí Fēng Zhī Jìn Căo

"A Gale Tells the Hardiness of a Blade of Grass"
A Good Seaman Is Known in Bad Weather

This compares a man of strong will who can stand severe tests.

IN the Eastern Han Dynasty, Liu Xiu raised an army to fight against Wang Mang. When his army passed Yingyang, a local man named Wang Ba came to see him with a group of his friends. He said to Liu Xiu, "You're at the head of a righteous army fighting against Wang Mang. We admire your great name and want to join your army." Liu Xiu was very pleased to take them. Wang Ba followed Liu Xiu and performed many meritorious feats. Later, when Liu Xiu suffered a series of defeats, the several score of people who joined him with Wang Ba slipped away one after another. One day, Liu Xiu sighed with emotion and said to Wang Ba, "All those who joined me in Yingyang have left. Only you are here. It is true that only a gale can tell the hardiness of a blade of grass."

History of the Later Han Dynasty