Sanshou Strength

By Ayron Howey

3 Exercises to make you a stronger fighter:

1) Single leg Squats - try to go down to at least a ninety degree bend while keeping your heel on the floor.
- follow this up with performing 25 sidekicks with each leg

2) Plyometric Pushups - from a regular pushup position do the pushup by pushing up strong and hard so that your hands come off the ground, similar to a clapping pushup, but bring your hand up instead of together.
- follow up with standing punches of jab and straight cross for a total of 30

3) Woodchoppers - use a medicine ball, start by standing in a high horse stance, touch the ball to the outside of your knee, bending the knees not the back. Then chop the ball upwards and to the opposite side 45 degrees standing upright and twisting, lift your heel at the end of the chop.
- finish with single leg throw drills doing 20 times

It is important to train functional strength as a fighter and martial artisit and not to train in isolation. Remember this and train hard.