Qinna Techniques 11 - Reverse Wrap Hand

By Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang and Master Wen-Ching Wu

Reverse Wrap Hand

Step 1. Your opponent grabs a hold of your right wrist from the top with his left hand (Figure 5-59). Place your left hand on top of his hand, cinch your thumb down on his index finger, and circle Figure 5-61 your right arm counterclockwise up (Figure 5-60).

Step 2. Hook your right hand on his wrist and push your left hand forward, while extending both hands forward. At the same time, take a step back with your right foot and pull him down (Figure 5-61).

Qinna Techniques - Reverse Wrap Hand
Qinna Techniques - Reverse Wrap Hand

A. The overall movement is backward, however, when you step back, maintain pressure forward on his wrist. The pressure as you step back, is important to balance the forward movement as your opponent goes down to the floor.