Buddhist Qigong - Cultivating the Esoteric Abilities of Speech

By Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang and Master Wen-Ching Wu

Cultivating the Esoteric Abilities of Speech - The Esoteric Abilities of Speech involves chanting mantras. It is not necessary to understand the meaning of the words or sounds of the mantras. It is important, however, to have a strong belief and focus while chanting. By sincerely reciting the mantra of realization, the practitioner can attain unlimited merit. Science today has not been able to explain the mysterious connection between sounds and life, and the power of sound. What we do know is that the vibration from sound can cause an avalanche; it can calm the mind; it can put people to sleep; it can make people happy or sad; and it can even kill. Sound can stimulate the growth of plants, and pleasant music can even help cows produce more milk.

Mantra means Truth. In Buddhism, Truth are the words of the Buddha. Also, the internal, unspoken real thoughts in our mind are also considered as Truth Spoken words often contain some arrogance and tinted truth. The unspoken thoughts are the real truth. Human thoughts, considered the unspoken truth, are hard for others to comprehend. In human languages, thoughts are first processed in our brain, translated into words, and then expressed by our mouths. A mantra can be expressed with or without words. There are many mantras for bringing health and good fortune, and preventing misfortunes. A mantra contains pledges and wishes without any pretense. It is the true expression of the heart.

Over the centuries, great masters of the Tantric Buddhist Sect passed down many mantras. The special tones vibrate the qi channels in the body and bring about the hidden potential within. When chanting mantras, the soundwave of the chant also makes the energy in the body respond to it. A high level of wisdom and extraordinary abilities can be aroused by combining the frequency of sound, the qi in our body and the cosmos, to produce unbelievable power.

The mantra, OM AH HUM OM AH HUM Sound, contains the principal syllables of the Sanskrit language. OM is the fundamental sound of the energy behind the origin of the cosmos. It contains unlimited ability. To the human body, it is the sound within the head. When we cover our ears with our hands, it sounds like the sound made from the heart and the circulation of the blood. This sound clears the mind and raises the vitality of spirit. It can also cure the common cold, and illnesses related to the head. It can help bring the energy of the cosmos into the body from the head, and increase wisdom. All things in the world, with or without form, are the expressions of OM. OM is the eternal immortal sound.

AH is the fundamental sound of the growth of life in the beginning of the cosmos. It contains unlimited ability. AH is the first sound - the sound made by all life in the beginning. When one learns how to utilize the sound AH, one can open the knots in the body's channels and clear the chronic diseases of the organs.

HUM is the fundamental sound of the hidden potential of life. It is the sound of material things; it is the sound in the dantian. Chanting this sound can vibrate and open the knots in the channels, and inspire new links to life, and bring about health and longevity. The mantra, OM MA NI PAD ME HUM OM MA NI PAD ME HUM Sound, of Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, starts with OM and ends with HUM. The four sounds in between, MA NI PAD ME, are derivatives and variations of AH.

Different sounds have different frequencies. Some sounds are clear and even, and comfortable to listen to. Some sounds are like a sharp knife, piercingly painful to listen to. Some sounds are inspiring, some sounds are very soft and pleasant, and some sounds are loud and annoying. All of these sounds continuously echo with our consciousness, creating energy interactions that further echo with the energy of the cosmos.