Buddhist Qigong - Cultivating the Esoteric Abilities of the Mind

By Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang and Master Wen-Ching Wu

This cultivation utilizes visualization to purify the mind. It is the most important of the Three Esoteric cultivation methods. This is because both the cultivation of the Esoteric Abilities of the Body and Speech, utilize the mind to develop its higher potentials. There are many visualization methods which cover a very broad area. Visualization techniques are not visualizing for the sake of visualizing. Visualization is used to reach a state of Void in thought, to enter a meditative state, and attain the union of human and the cosmos. When visualizing, one condenses one's thoughts, by concentrating on one visualization to eliminate all other thoughts. Once all scattering thoughts are stopped, then visualize Void: body void, mind void, all void. When this state is achieved, the spiritual power of the cosmos will be able to flow through your body. You will then be able to melt into the Void of the cosmos. That is the union of ourselves with the cosmos - developing peace and luminosity.

Tantric Buddhist Qigong can change the practitioner. With training, one can produce strong intentions and develop extraordinary abilities; by stimulating the conscious, subconscious, and super conscious. Combining our drive for excellence with the different levels of our consciousness, we can unlock our hidden potential and gain an upsurge of spirit and higher wisdom.

Tantric Buddhism believes that humans are inherently enlightened, but live in this confusing and crazy world. When one cultivates properly, one can use the powers within to attain realization. They also believe in fate; but they don't believe that destiny is fixed. Fate is fixed only because of the karma of previous lives that effect this life. Humans can change the outcome of the next life, eventually escaping the cycle of reincarnation and attaining liberation. This is a very optimistic approach towards life. However, life is hard to come by. A Buddhist saying compares the opportunity of being in this life to the amount of dirt stuck in one's finger nails relative to the amount of mud on this planet. Treasure this life, and cultivate unceasingly.