Qinna Techniques 14 - Large Python Turns Its Head

By Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang and Master Wen-Ching Wu

Qinna - Large Python Turns Its Body
Qinna - Large Python Turns Its Body

Step 1. Your opponent grabs a hold of your right wrist from the bottom with his left hand (Figure 5-70). Lower your right arm and bend your elbow over his forearm; at the same time, place your left hand over his left hand (Figure 5-71).

Step 2. Grab a hold of his left hand with your left hand, press your forearm down on his wrist, and take him down (Figure 5-72).


  1. When you bend your elbow, press your forearm into your opponent's wrist to neutralize the grab.
  2. Your left hand holds onto your opponent's left hand tightly, so that it can't slip off. Your right elbow circles in a counterclockwise direction over his arm. Once your elbow is over his arm, circle back and down on his forearm to lock his wrist. This is a wrist control, so you want to make his elbow bend. If his elbow won't bend, it becomes an elbow control.