Holding Leg Throws 2 - Holding One Leg, Hand Blocking Throw

By Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang and Tao D. Ngo

Sanshou Kuai Jiao Holding One Leg, Hand Blocking Throw
Holding One Leg, Hand Blocking Throw

Holding Leg Throw #2 - Holding One Leg, Hand Blocking Throw

  1. Gray's right foot is forward and he attacks with his right hand. White blocks outward with his left arm, then strikes Gray's face or solar plexus with both hands (or initiates the attack) (Figure 4-5).
  2. When Gray moves to dodge the attack or raises his arms to block or swing, White quickly steps his right foot forward deep in between Gray's legs and grabs Gray's right leg. White moves his right hand quickly behind Gray's left leg to block it. White presses firmly on the hollow of Gray's left knee to immobilize him (Figure 4-6).
  3. Then White uses his right shoulder to strike Gray's right thigh and simultaneously turns his body to the left to make Gray fall (Figure 4-7 and 4-8).

Key Points

  • Drop low as quickly as possible. Do not give your opponent time to strike while you are grabbing his legs.
  • Get your front leg as deep as possible in between your opponent's leg.
  • Hold the legs and press firmly with both hands so your opponent can't easily move before the throw is executed.