Holding Leg Throws 3 - Holding One Leg, Leg Blocking Throw

By Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang and Tao D. Ngo

Sanshou Kuai Jiao Holding One Leg, Leg Blocking Throw
Holding One Leg, Leg Blocking Throw

Holding Leg Throw #3 - Holding One Leg, Leg Blocking Throw

  1. Gray's right foot is forward and he attacks with a right hand strike. White blocks outward with his left arm, then strikes Gray's face or solar plexus with both hands (or initiates an attack) (Figure 4-9).
  2. When Gray moves to dodge the attack or raises his arms to block, White takes a half-step forward with his left foot and places it in front of Gray's right foot. White then drops his body and quickly grabs Gray's right leg with his left hand and wraps his right hand around Gray's body. White pivots his left foot outward and extends his right foot in between Gray's legs and behind Gray's left foot (Figure 4-10).
  3. White twists his body to the left and uses his chest to press Gray's right thigh downward to make Gray fall on his back. Or, White can move forward to make Gray fall backward (Figure 4-11).

Key Points

  • Drop your body and insert your right leg to block your opponent's left foot as quickly as possible.
  • Your left leg should be well bent for good root and balance.
  • When twisting to the left, your right hand and shoulder should also apply force to your opponent's body.